Evolve: Concierge-Style Service

The Bariatric Experts Powered by Evolve Weight Loss Experts

The team here at The Bariatric Experts is thrilled to be partnering with Evolve Weight Loss Experts, and we know our patients are going to be also! Evolve is known for their concierge-style service and dedicated Patient Care Managers, who help patients determine the cost of weight loss surgery prior to treatment and work with health insurance companies to reduce any out-of-pocket expenses. In doing this, our patients receive maximum coverage for their procedures.

When you contact us at The Bariatric Experts or even reach out to Evolve directly, you are immediately assigned a Patient Care Manager who will remain your primary point of contact throughout your entire medical experience. This person will work with our office at The Bariatric Experts to schedule your appointments and communicate with our internal teams to help verify your insurance, estimate medical costs, collect medical paperwork and clear you for surgery. Even after your procedure, you will be assigned one point of contact for any questions or concerns that may arise.

What to expect when you contact The Bariatric Experts or Evolve:

Our Patient Care Managers are waiting to hear from you and are ready to answer all of your questions about weight loss surgery. Weight loss just got easier. Find out for yourself by calling 940-577-2090 today!

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