Improve Quality of Life

When considering surgery for weight loss, many questions come to mind. In addition to deciding which surgical option is right for you, whether it be gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, or a gastric balloon procedure, possibly the most compelling thought is, “What will my life be like once the surgery is done, and I no longer have this extra weight?”

The most obvious answer is you will find your appearance more aesthetically pleasing. People who consider themselves overweight are usually unhappy with the way they look. In lowering your body fat to muscle ratio, you will have a more muscular definition, your clothing will look better, and even your facial bone structure will be more pronounced.

But those are just the superficial benefits to weight loss; the real advantages to weight loss go way beyond skin-deep. Some unexpected benefits of surgery for weight loss are:

Improved Brain Function

While obesity negatively affects every organ in the body, including the heart and liver, it also has an impact on brain function. Being at a healthy weight decreases your odds of acquiring Alzheimer’s or Dementia by a whopping 35%. Studies have shown that those with risk factors which contribute to heart disease or stroke – including being overweight – are more prone to possess elevated levels of amyloid. Amyloid is a protein known to form plaques in the brains of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Lowered Risk of Diabetes

Type-2 Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the United States. Therefore, is it a surprise that the number of people diagnosed with obesity is also rising? While genetics also play a role in Type-2 Diabetes, being overweight and insufficient physical activity are two of the most common reasons for this disease. Type-2 diabetes is also a major contributor to the occurrence of amputations and blindness today. Positive results of weight loss surgery can reduce or even eradicate the need for diabetes medication, and studies show evidence that weight loss surgery can cause Type-2 Diabetes to go into remission.

Lessen the Risk of Cancer in Women

Women can minimize their potential of developing cancer by losing weight. Research is still being conducted to determine the exact reason why this is true, but some studies show that obese women who lose weight decrease their chances of being diagnosed with cancer by 62 percent for every 10 pounds lost. This includes a lowered risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

You’ll Be Happier

People who have lost significant amounts of weight have an improved attitude toward life. They are more likely to enjoy more physical activities like playing ball with their kids or grandkids. Walking becomes less difficult or painful because back, knee and hip pain is improved. The occurrence of sleep apnea is less likely, leading to a better night’s sleep. Patients report a feeling of accomplishment after weight loss surgery, higher self-esteem, and more significant enjoyment of their lives.

The surgeons at The Bariatric Experts are ready to answer any questions you have about weight loss surgery options. Our programs at The Bariatric Experts include support, diet, nutrition, and physical exercise plans for every phase of your weight loss. Contact us today to find out more, and make the first decision in improving your life, and your health.

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