Non Surgical Weight Loss

Non surgical weight loss options are safer and more effective than ever before. Typically, people who are considering a non surgical weight loss procedure are tired of the “yo-yo dieting” cycle of losing, then re-gaining the weight. However, they are often hesitant to choose surgical methods. Given that gastric surgery has risks, leaves scars, and can require a long recovery time, invasive techniques may not be appealing.

For this reason, exploring non surgical weight loss procedure options is a good idea. There are several choices which are proven safe, successful, cost-effective, and are reversible. The Bariatric Experts is proficient in performing weight-loss balloon procedures. Shown below is information to consider when making the decision to improve your life and health, for good.

Non Surgical Weight Loss Gastric Balloon Options

Orbera – A Single Balloon System

ReShape – A Single Procedure, Two Balloon System

Obalon – A Swallowable, 3-Balloon System 

In summary, these proven and effective options are non-surgical and require no downtime, incisions, scars, stitches, or hospital stay.

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

On the whole, non surgical weight loss options can put you on the right track. Equally important to successful weight loss is your personal commitment to making necessary changes in your lifestyle. In the long run, our patients are so happy with balloon procedure results that they continue practicing the healthy habits that they acquire during the first 12 months of treatment.

Would you like to see improvement in your health, confidence and energy level? But does the dream of losing weight and keeping if off appear to be only that – a dream? In short, The Bariatric Experts can help you make your weight loss vision a reality! Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about these state of the art, non surgical weight loss procedures.


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