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Weight Loss for Pregnancy

Why Lose Weight for Pregnancy?

There is already considerable pressure on women who are struggling with excess pounds, and adding the need to achieve weight loss for pregnancy only exacerbates their anxiety. But, studies of Obesity and fertility indicate that being overweight can hinder a woman’s ability to become pregnant.

For women desiring to lose significant amounts of weight for pregnancy, researching bariatric surgery options is a smart idea. It could also be lifesaving for both mother and child, as obesity is one of the highest risk factors women should consider when planning to have a baby. Studies show the most serious complications of pregnancy that threaten the lives of both mother and baby are more often reported for women who are overweight and pregnant.

Obesity and Pregnancy Risk Factors

The statistics are indeed very serious. A combination of obesity and pregnancy increases the likelihood of Pre-Eclampsia, often diagnosed by persistent elevated blood pressure, and for blood clots that can begin in the legs and travel to the lungs. These two conditions account for nearly 40% of all maternal deaths and are much more common in obese women. With these risks, there is also a “dose effect”. More simply put, the more overweight the mother is, the higher the risk. 

Other risks to the mother and child which are linked to obesity and pregnancy are: 

For the child, there are life-impacting risk factors, like Fetal Macrosomia, the condition of being born larger than what is considered normal. Infants born with Fetal Macrosomia or excess body fat have a greater chance of becoming obese adults. Also, since premature births are more probable, this sets the stage for a host of life-threatening, short and long term conditions. Studies are now linking obesity in the mother to ailments such as asthma, congenital heart disease, neural tube defects, and other birth defects.

For concerned mothers-to-be, these statistics are sobering reasons to consider weight loss for pregnancy.

The Bariatric Experts and Denton Surgical Hospital can help you lose weight before pregnancy and develop a plan for maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight. Our compassionate staff understands your desire to have an uncomplicated pregnancy and a thriving, healthy baby. If you are planning to become pregnant, schedule an appointment with us to learn about your options to achieve weight loss for pregnancy. We want to help you enjoy the most successful pregnancy possible, for you and for your baby. 

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