Obalon Balloon Procedure


What is the Obalon Balloon?


The Obalon Balloon is the first and only swallowable intragastric 3 Balloon System for weight loss. It is approved by the FDA and is suited for non-surgical stomach weight loss in obese adults (having a BMI of 30-40) who have been unable to lose weight through traditional methods of diet and exercise. The Obalon procedure takes less than 15 minutes in a physician’s office, with no sedation required.

How does the Obalon Balloon Work?

After swallowing a small capsule containing a balloon, your physician will fill the balloon with gas. Insertion of the second capsule happens one month after swallowing the first capsule, in the same manner as the first. During the third month, the final gastric balloon pill is swallowed, for a total of three capsules. The system works because the balloons take up space in your stomach and make you feel full so that you will eat less. When filled, one balloon contains 250cc and weighs less than a penny. In size, it is smaller than an average-size orange. Because these balloons effectively take up the space that you would normally need to fill to satisfy hunger, you are content with less food in your stomach, leading to a reduction in caloric intake and successful weight loss. During the treatment, you will follow a supervised diet and exercise plan to ensure that you receive the nutrition your body needs. All balloons must be removed six months after the first balloon treatment begins. Removal of the three balloons happens during a short, typically 15-minute long, endoscopic procedure under light conscious sedation.

How effective is the balloon for losing weight?

In our clinical trials, people lost twice the amount of weight as the participants who used diet and exercise alone. The results also lasted longer, with 89% of weight loss being kept off at the 1-year mark (6 months after the balloon removal), combined with a moderate diet and exercise program. Even though the balloons are placed in your stomach to lose weight, there is no surgery required, no incisions or scarring. Normal activities are quickly resumed as there is no downtime or recovery needed. Approved by the FDA as a non-surgical weight loss procedure, The Obalon Balloon System has been proven safe and effective and is the fastest way to realize weight loss you once thought was impossible to achieve.

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*Results May Vary

The Obalon Balloon System is intended for adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40 kg/m2 (30 to 50 pounds overweight) willing to follow a diet and exercise program. All Obalon balloons must be removed in 6 months. Patients with prior weight loss surgeries are not eligible. The most common side effects reported were mild abdominal pain and nausea which typically resolved within two weeks. You must take daily acid-blocking medicine prescribed by your doctor. For full Important Safety Information go to www.Obalon.com/safety-information or call your doctor.

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