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At The Bariatric Experts

About Our Practice 

The Bariatric Experts™ is a bariatric and minimally invasive surgery specialty clinic located in Frisco, Texas with a satellite location in Abilene, Texas. Board-certified weight loss experts Scott Stowers, D.O. and Curtis Peery, M.D. have over 4 decades of experience and dedicate their skills to helping patients lose weight and keep it off. The Bariatric Experts™ offer several forms of bariatric surgery and individualized medically-supervised weight loss plans and see high success rates. 

At The Bariatric Experts™, Dr. Stowers, Dr. Peery, and their knowledgeable team aim to help patients look and feel their best with compassionate weight-loss counseling and personalized plans. They offer bariatric support groups, diet plans, weight loss webinars, and other resources to educate and support patients at each step in their weight loss journeys. 

The Bariatric Experts™ help patients decide whether or not bariatric surgery is necessary on a case-by-case basis. They specialize in proven minimally invasive techniques like gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, hiatal hernia repair, and gastric band removal surgery. 

If an original surgery results in complications or doesn’t provide results, The Bariatric Experts™ provide surgery revisions like the gastric band to gastric sleeve and gastric band to gastric bypass. Through recovery, Dr. Stowers and Dr. Peery coach patients to achieve the best possible results.

The Bariatric Experts™ are a total practice, daVinci surgeons. They specialize in minimally invasive robotic surgery using the state-of-the-art da Vinci® Xi surgical system. Dr. Stowers and Dr. Peery use innovative techniques leading to better patient outcomes and reducing patient recovery time, scarring, and risk of infection.

After surgery, The Bariatric Experts™ team coordinates vitamin supplementation for all patients.  Patients at The Bariatric Experts™ are followed closely and their labs are monitored for optimal vitamin supplementation.  They make it easy to purchase bariatric vitamins after surgery by providing access to an online store for the top two bariatric vitamin brands, Bariatric Advantage and Bariatric Fusion.  

Schedule a weight loss consultation at The Bariatric Experts™ in Frisco, Texas, or our satellite location in Abilene, Texas by calling the office at 940-577-2090 or emailing us at