Bariatric and Weight Loss Apps

Specific Apps for Bariatric Patients

As the saying goes, “There’s an APP for that!” and weight loss is no exception. When it comes to weight loss and bariatric surgery, there is a plethora of apps from which to choose. Navigating the maze to find the one which best suits you can be intimidating, so we’ve narrowed the field down a little by finding some of the more popular and useful apps and highlighted a few of their features. Here is a rundown, including links so you can visit each of their websites to learn more.


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A true Bariatric App designed to help patients both pre and post-surgery, Baritastic supports your progress before and after a weight loss procedure. From helping you qualify for a procedure with a pre-surgery checklist to reminding you to drink enough water later on, this app will walk your through each step. Here is a small sampling of what Baritastic offers:

Bariatric Pal

Non Bariatric Specific Weight Loss Apps

Sometimes just having a weight loss app is enough. Whether it’s prior to considering weight loss surgery or to maintain your weight once post-surgery goals are achieved, these apps provide the opportunity to gain support and insight during your own personal weight loss journey.


MyFitnessPal utilizes calorie counting to help aid weight loss. It calculates the daily calorie requirements and enables activity like logging everything eaten during the day and accessing a nutritional database which contains over 5,000,000 different foods. One of the best things about this database is that it includes many major restaurant items (something that isn’t quite so easy to calculate). Quite often, it is shocking how many calories are hidden in restaurant entrees! My Fitness Pal offers features like these:


Another app which is super easy to work with is SparkPeople. It does more than just log and track your daily meals, weight and exercise. It offers an interactive online community and informative health and fitness articles. There is also a large nutritional database which holds over 3,000,000 foods. Some other features are:


Locate food faves, get new recipes, and research exercises in their large database. Enter grams or servings for each meal and log in workouts. Lifesum sends reminders throughout the day to eat, drink water, or log calorie counts. Members get access to a wealth of health and fitness articles and to the Lifesum blog. Lifesum also offers:

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