How Long Does It Take to Get to My Goal Weight After Weight Loss Surgery?

It’s exciting to think about getting the weight off that you’ve longed to lose. Weight loss surgery offers numerous benefits for your health, but you need to know what to expect after your procedure, including how quickly you’ll drop pounds.

Your decision to have weight loss surgery is a big one. Our team here at The Bariatric Experts led by Dr. Scott Stowers and Dr. Curtis Peery can help you prepare for what to anticipate. 

After your surgery

The pace at which you lose weight after surgery depends on several different factors, including your age, starting weight, diet, and lifestyle. We are all individuals and each patient will meet with our surgeons to find out what their goal for weight loss should be.

How following instructions leads to success

Your focus on hydration, protein intake, vitamins, and movement will play a key role in reaching your weight loss and lifestyle goals. Your maximum weight loss will come within the first 12-18 months of surgery.

We will meet with you several times within the first year to ensure that we are supporting you as an individual in the best way we can. Here is a general guideline of what to expect:

After six months

Most people lose 30-40% of their weight in the first six months.

After one year

The total amount you lose in 12-18 months depends on your starting weight and the type of bariatric surgery you have. On average, with a gastric sleeve, you can lose 60-70% of your excess body weight. With gastric bypass, you can lose 50-80% of your excess body weight.

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