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How Robotic Surgery Works

How Robotic Surgery Works

Robotic surgery has become one of the greatest weapons in the fight against obesity. Not only does it offer superior results, but the procedure itself also has many benefits — especially when compared to traditional surgery.

Over 20 years ago, just like many other surgeries, bariatric surgery was an open, difficult operation requiring large incisions. Laparoscopic bariatric surgery was a step in the right direction and is still used for many bariatric surgeries today. Now, robotic surgery is one of the safest, most popular choices of surgery for reducing your stomach from the size of a football to that of a banana.

If you’re in need of bariatric surgery, Dr. Scott Stowers is a board-certified bariatric surgeon who’s performed thousands of successful surgeries — changing lives every day. He and our team at The Bariatric Experts in Frisco, Abilene, and Denton, Texas, have the expertise to perform robotic surgery, using the minimally invasive, state-of-the-art da Vinci® system.

Where to begin

When you schedule an appointment with The Bariatric Experts, we consult with you, evaluate, and help determine the right procedure for you. If you’re a candidate for bariatric surgery, we discuss your options and let you know what to expect.

How it works

The surgery is called “robotic” surgery because three robotic arms that are fully controlled by Dr. Stowers perform the surgery. Though this might sound a bit scary, it’s actually much more efficient and safer than open and laparoscopic surgery.

A fourth robotic arm holds a 3D camera that sends a video signal to Dr. Stowers’s computer console. 

To perform the surgery, he makes very small incisions to make room for the insertion of tiny, surgical instruments, watching every detailed move with magnified vision.

As a highly trained surgeon, he has the expertise to control the movement of the robotic arms with incredible precision. The arms of the robot are completely maneuvered by Dr. Stowers’s hands, wrists, fingers, and feet. In addition, our surgical team is on standby, supervising the entire procedure.

The benefits

Robotic surgery offers benefits for your surgeon and for you. It allows Dr. Stowers to have a much sharper view of the targeted area. He also has a better range of motion as the robotic arms provide broader movement than laparoscopic equipment.

In addition, Dr. Stowers is able to sit at a console and control the robotics with ease without dealing with fatigue that long hours of standing can cause.

Benefits for our patients include only having to make very small incisions (about 8mm long), which leaves very little scarring, if any. This reduces your risk of infection that comes with all surgeries.

With minimally invasive surgery, you can also count on less recovery time, less pain, and a quicker return to your daily routine!

To schedule a consultation with our team, call our friendly administrative staff at (940) 577-2090 (ext. 1), or click here to book your appointment online today. You can also email us at

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