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Hydration After Bariatric Surgery

Hydration After Bariatric Surgery

If you’re a candidate for bariatric surgery, it’s imperative that you understand what to expect after your procedure. 

During your consultation with us at The Bariatric Experts — before your surgery — Dr. Scott Stowers and our team work with you to make sure you know how to get the successful results you plan to achieve. It starts with understanding the importance of hydration.

The importance of fluids after surgery

Now that you’ve had your surgery, you have a limited stomach capacity. Though it’s easy to stay solely focused on eating less and feeling satisfied quicker, you need to focus on your hydration. It’s actually one of the primary focuses after surgery. But, why?

Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for patients going to the hospital or getting readmitted after bariatric surgery. To avoid dehydration, we recommend that you drink 64 ounces of certain fluids a day. This will help you stay hydrated, achieve maximum weight loss, and feel your best.

Fluids you should drink

To stay hydrated, choose your liquids wisely. We recommend that your drinks are:


Bariatric surgery makes your stomach smaller, which causes you to limit your calories. It’s best to consume your calories through food instead of calorie-loaded drinks.


Caffeine can cause dehydration and reflux, as well.

Non carbonated

Carbonated drinks can cause pressure in your stomach, plus bloating and uncomfortable stretching that is irreversible.

We can provide you with a list of hydrating fluids from which to choose. If you have any questions about a certain drink, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with a phone call. We’re here to answer your questions.

Tips for getting your fluids in

You will need to make a conscious effort to get your fluids in effectively, so try a few of our tips.

We recommend that you sip your drink in very small amounts, and stay away from using straws since they can cause you to drink too quickly.

It may help to use small medicine cups so that you drink controlled amounts. You should also think about drinking an ounce of liquid every 15 minutes. This will help avoid the overfilling of your stomach, which can cause nausea.

Pull back from drinking fluids if you start to feel pressure or tightness in the center part or upper area of your stomach. If this feeling occurs, stay seated in an upright position for a few minutes, and wait it out before sipping your drink again.

To learn more about hydration and how to achieve a healthy journey after your bariatric surgery, reach out to our office at 940-577-2090. We also respond to emails at

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