Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss

Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss

Kitchen gadgets for weight loss can be found in kitchen specialty stores, online, in specialty household stores and discount super centers. They will range from complicated and expensive to simple and affordable. We have put together a list of the latter to include practical items that no bariatric weight loss kitchen should be without! Keeping food and drink satisfying, tasty and healthy is the name of the game. Breaking the bank is not!

To make finding these items easy, our list below is a one-stop shop. Everything shown below is available from Amazon, and the links to view the products are included*. If you want to comparison shop, browsing similar products will be easy as Amazon offers a multitude of options. These gadgets for weight loss will be a helpful, sensible addition to your post-bariatric surgery food preparation plan for success. 

Click on the images to visit the links to view or make purchases.

Spiralizer – A Spiralizer is a great investment! Spiralized veggies like zucchini and broccoli at the grocery store can run up to $4.99 per package. A single organic zucchini, at less than $1, is more than enough to make “noodles” for one person and the cost is significantly less than buying pre-made. Another good reason is whole veggies tend to stay fresh longer than cut veggies. Many of these handy Spiralizer kitchen gadgets for weight loss come with cookbooks, but there are also several cooking blogs like this one,, for noodling inspiration. Here’s an updated version that comes with 5 different blades for spiralizing beets, cucumbers, radishes and more! (Click on the images below to view the links.)


Hot Air Fryers – These fryers use hot air in combination with high speed air circulation instead of high calorie hot oil to give food the crunchy texture of fried – but without the extra calories!

Blender Bottle – Making protein “shakes” on-the-go and blending supplements designed for bariatric weight loss is a snap with these Blender Bottles! A convenient, patented Blender Ball Whisk does the mixing for you. To keep things fashionable, these bottles come in a myriad of colors.

Water Bottle Infuser – Don’t let your water be boring! Give it some zing by infusing it with fresh lemon, lime, and herbs by using this convenient infusion water bottle. This brand is BPA FREE with a sweat-proof insulated cover to keep the liquid cold – and your desktop dry.

Veggie Steamer – It’s easy to overcook fresh veggies if you boil them, which ruins their crisp tender texture and depletes valuable nutrients. There are several expensive versions of “stand alone” steamers to steam vegetables without requiring a cooktop, but this universal veggie steamer simply pops right into the pots you already have. Available in several sizes, this type of steamer allows you to steam veggies to perfection without boiling their nutritional value away. A huge plus? It is inexpensive, easy to clean and requires a small storage space!

Baby Food containers – When you are limited to small portions, these baby food containers are helpful for storing prepared foods to enjoy later. Find portable plastic versions to pack lunches, as options for pre-portioned and smaller size containers are endless.

Immersion Blender – Home-made salad dressings and sauces are healthier, creamier and more satisfying when they are thickened and well-mixed using an Immersion Blender. With an Immersion Blender, there is no need to add fats like oil or butter, which add calories. This style is cordless and comes with various attachments for chopping herbs and meats or blending smoothies. 

Food Scale – No dieter should be without a food scale! Controlling portion size is imperative when counting calories and for getting the required amounts of protein in your diet. This food scale by OXO has a convenient pull out digital display so it can be seen when placing larger bowls on the surface. It also has a simple one step tare feature. The tare feature weighs an empty container placed on the scale, then reduces the weight back to zero before the food is added, enabling an accurate reading.

Lemon Lime Squeezer – Get the most juice from lemons AND limes with this handy squeezer.

Zester – Use this to microplane grater to “zest” lemons, limes, oranges, nutmeg, and other spices to give foods…wait for it…a ZESTY flavor!

Salad Spinner – If a Salad Spinner isn’t already gracing your kitchen, you will wonder why you waited so long! Fun to use Salad Spinners will dry your greens quickly, enabling them to hold dressings better and keep their satisfying crunch. Pictured below is an OXO Salad Spinner, but you can watch You Tube videos of different Salad Spinners, and how they are used, here.

 Any of these products will be a welcome addition to your bariatric weight loss kitchen and will make food preparation – and your life – so much easier!

*Some of these items have not been used in our test kitchens so they are merely suggestions, not professional recommendations. Be sure to comparison shop, read warranties and customer reviews on your own.

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