Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to people traveling to a country other than their own to obtain medical treatment. Recently, traveling out of the United States for weight loss surgery has become a topic for discussion. Some patients are willing to take this chance in hopes of lower prices for a procedure to help them lose weight and have a happier life. An article from the American Journal of Medicine estimated that over 1.4 million Americans sought health care outside of US borders in 2017, and that number was expected to rise by 25% in the years to follow.

While some people may believe this weight loss method affordable and effective, there is significant risk involved when a patient chooses to have surgical procedures outside of their own country. There are varying protocols for medical care from one country to the next, making it difficult to know if the practice uses the most up to date and advanced procedures. Another important reason to keep your doctor close to home is aftercare, as excellent aftercare is crucial to the success of Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric Aftercare and Medical Tourism

After Bariatric Surgery, patients must follow a strict regimen and have the ability to see their surgeon at any time during, and beyond, the recovery period. While problems with bariatric surgery are rare, a situation requiring additional care could arise and being thousands of miles away from the doctor would delay treatment. Also, bariatric patients need diet and nutritional counseling to help them stay on track and keep them healthy. It is important to have immediate access to nutritional guidance and emotional support.

Risks of Medical Tourism

Tourists always need to be on guard when visiting a foreign country, even for a vacation. The saying, “Buyer Beware” is never more applicable than when used in conjunction with Medical Tourism. There are many dangers that some patients don’t think about when considering a medical procedure outside of the United States. Some of them are:

Choose The Bariatric Experts and Stay Close to Home

The Bariatric Experts is located in Denton Texas, convenient to people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as easily accessible to those in West, East and Central Texas. Dr. Scott Stowers has been performing medical services in Texas for more than twenty years and is board certified. His stellar credentials include being a Fellow of the American Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. He uses the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures to ensure his patients recover fast and endure less risk during the surgery and healing processes. The majority of his patients are referrals from prior bariatric patients, a testament to his knowledge and skill as a surgeon. If you are considering Bariatric Surgery, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We have financing options and offer assistance in navigating the insurance processes.

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