Some Health Foods Are Fattening

Dieting can be tricky. When the goal is to lose weight, what may work for one person may not work for someone else. But one thing is sure, a healthy diet is an essential factor for weight loss. Many foods are packed with metabolism-boosting energy, and others have the protein needed for muscle growth. Some contain nutrients that help the body to function at its best. But it is essential to understand that, when it comes to dieting, it is possible to consume too much of a good thing. Healthy foods eaten in excess can interfere with weight loss goals. Here are some incredibly healthy food items, but should be consumed in small portions.

Healthy Foods to Watch Out For

Calorie and Fat Content

We know that the right diet is critical in shedding pounds. While the foods listed above are not necessarily bad for a diet, always keep portions in mind. Some believe that if more nutrient-rich foods are consumed, the faster they will get results. Eating too much – even if it’s healthy food – doesn’t equal to weight loss, unless there is enough regular exercise to create a significant calorie deficit. Some believe that, since these foods are proportionally lower in fat and calories, there is no harm in eating more of them. So, a person could still be consuming the same amount of fat and calories as when they weren’t dieting.

Portion Control is Key

The best way to lose weight, even when eating healthy, is with careful portion control. The US Recommended Daily Allowance (USRDA) suggests portions of nutrients, calories, protein and other variables to ensure good nutrition, without excess caloric intake.The key to weight loss is a well-balanced diet, and reasonable moderation.

If you are confused about what to eat and how much, book a Consultation with our Nutritionist and learn about our new Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program. We can help you lose weight using common sense and heathy food!

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