Surprise Weight Loss Benefits

Many benefits attributed to weight loss surgery are already well known. It is common knowledge that high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and Type 2 Diabetes improve after a significant weight loss due to procedures like the Gastric Sleeve. But other, less obvious, perks will also come to light once those pounds are shed. There will be “Aha” moments which make all the hard work worth every minute. It might be this sudden realization at a restaurant: “I actually PREFER to order the salad now!” Or hearing the kids say for the first time, “Mom, I can’t keep up with you, please slow down!”

It’s all about the little things. Here are some other surprising benefits to weight loss surgery after achieving weight loss goals:

  1. Your boss may give you a raise or a promotion

According to a recent University of Oxford report, psychologists report that weight plays a part in who will get a promotion. The perception of employers, whether it is right or wrong, is that a heavy person may not be able to perform as well as fitter employees, or will experience health problems that interfere with their jobs. Fox Business reports that study after study points to discrimination against obese job candidates and employees.

  1. Allergies might improve

Being overweight can put additional stress on adrenal glands and the respiratory system. This can exacerbate conditions like asthma or allergies. Achieving weight loss goals helps boost the adrenals, and may also help fight off seasonal allergies.

  1. The taste of food gets better

Overweight people are believed to have less sensitive taste buds. According to Stanford University studies, “Obese people have less sensitive taste buds than normal-weight people, but bariatric surgery may increase their taste sensitivity in addition to helping them shed pounds.” Some theories are that taste buds lose their sharpness when they are being overused. Also, hormonal shifts which occur during weight loss also play a part in this phenomenon. One report by Fox News states that being more appreciative of the taste of food rather than the quantity may play a part in this phenomenon of the senses.

  1. A change in priorities

Instead of having a life that focuses on food above all else, other things will soon become priorities. There is a balance which can happen only when everything falls into place and a healthy outlook is achieved. Activities like spending time with family, working out, enjoying the arts or a ball game, or being outdoors playing with the kids will replace the time that was once spent on food-related pastimes.

  1. Saving money

Another one of the weight loss benefits is that it helps to cut expenses, but it’s not just about the grocery and restaurant bills going down. People who are at a healthy weight spend 42 percent less each year on medical bills and health expenses than those who are overweight.

  1. Plane rides and shopping are more fun

Two things that are not enjoyable when obese are traveling on an airplane and shopping for new clothes. It is much more fun to fly if you are comfortable in the seat, and shopping for new outfits is easier when everything looks great!

Achieve Weight Loss Goals With The Bariatric Experts

Procedures like the Gastric Sleeve are performed with great success at The Bariatric Experts. Our staff is knowledgeable and compassionate and will help guide you on every step of your weight loss journey. Contact us today to find out how you can realize your weight loss goals!

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