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Thanksgiving Diet Tips

The Holidays are lurking like The Grinch waiting for his chance to steal the Roast Beast! It’s wise to plan ahead and avoid the potential for holiday weight gain. Even after having weight loss surgery,Thanksgiving Diet temptations are everywhere. It’s not easy when there are cookies at the office, holiday party buffets every weekend, and neighbors with home made goodies arriving at the door. It may seem impossible to stay on track and not re-gain the weight that has already been lost, but there are a few tricks to resist overindulging during the Holiday Season, including introducing new healthy Thanksgiving Recipes to your Turkey Day menu.

Winter weight gain typically begins around November, with most Americans packing on a few extra pounds by New Year’s Day. After working so hard and investing in Bariatric Surgery, it would be a shame to undo all the progress that has been made up until now. So, how does one prevent holiday weight gain?

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

  1. Exercise Portion Control: Eating just a little bit of everything might be a safe choice, a long as “a spoonful of this and a spoonful of that” doesn’t fill up two plates. Choose carefully and select small tastings of all-time favorites when lining up at the buffet line. The holidays may not be the time for full-on self deprivation, but a little common sense goes a long way.
  2. Never arrive at the party with an empty stomach: Always start the day with a healthy breakfast, but this is especially true when heading to a Thanksgiving luncheon. Being too hungry when there is a convenient abundance of food in close proximinty can lead to holiday weight gain.
  3. Don’t drink your calories: Alcohol not only contains empty calories, it also diverts the liver from functioning to capacity. The body can’t metabolize sugars and fats as well when it is metabolizing alcohol. Drinking can also slow the metabolism and cause one to eat more, so if there are too many cocktails at those holiday parties, it can lead to winter weight gain.
  4. Try new Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes: We all have our favorites, but not everything needs to be packed with butter and cream. Stick to oven baked white turkey breast (dark meat has a higher fat content), perfectly roasted root veggies and avoid carbohydrates. Revisit old favorites and turn them into these healthy Thanksgiving recipes.
  5. Bring your own decadent dessert: It IS the holidays, after all, and having dessert isn’t a crime. Just make sure that it’s thoughtfully prepared, and remember to keep everything in moderation. Volunteer to bring a traditional Thanksgiving favorite but prepare it in a healthier version, like this pumpkin pie recipe. A small slice won’t break the calorie bank!

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