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Path To Weight Loss Surgery Specialist

The Bariatric Experts™

Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery located in Frisco, TX & Abilene, TX

If you struggle with weight loss and want to consider surgery to help you effectively shed pounds, Scott Stowers, DO, and The Bariatric Experts™ team are there for you in Frisco, Denton, and Abilene, Texas. They guide you through the path to weight loss surgery and let you know which procedure is best for you. Schedule an appointment by phone or book online to learn more.

Path to Weight Loss Surgery Q & A

What is the path to weight loss surgery?

The path to weight loss surgery includes a series of steps developed by Dr. Stowers for before and after surgery that maximize your weight loss success. The team at The Bariatric Experts™ will provide support and education all along the way, and you never feel like you are doing it alone. 

What are the steps needed for weight loss surgery?

The steps on the path to weight loss surgery include:

Make an appointment

To make an appointment for a weight loss surgery consultation, just call The Bariatric Experts™ office or send an appointment request online.

Attend an initial consultation

When you make an appointment with Dr. Stowers and his team, you can expect a complete, customized program to aid in your weight loss goals. The Bariatric Experts™ offer financial, clinical, and nutrition support every step of your journey to maximize success.

During your initial consultation, you meet with a weight loss surgeon, dietitian, and financial specialist to learn if weight loss surgery matches your needs and expectations. The team will answer any questions you have, whether clinical, nutritional, or financial. Once you have met with the team, you will have all the information you need to make the decision to proceed with life-changing surgery.

Medical Clearances

Medical clearances are required prior to weight loss surgery. All patients must undergo a psychological evaluation that is done over the phone. After Dr. Stowers meets with you, he will determine, based on your medical history, whether you may need further medical clearances.  These additional clearances could include cardiac testing, sleep study, EGD, or other diagnostic tests. 

Schedule surgery

The next step in the path to weight loss is scheduling your surgery. The Bariatric Experts™ team works with you to find a time that fits your schedule and works to efficiently package the appointment requirements into as few days as possible. We take care of many out of town patients and try to minimize the amount of time and travel our patients have

Pre-surgery instructions

All patients will receive specific pre-surgery instructions prior to undergoing weight loss surgery. These instructions include covid testing procedures, medication changes prior to surgery, dietary and discharge instructions, to name a few, and are accomplished via direct patient communication and attendance at your pre-op office visit.  


During bariatric surgery, general anesthesia keeps you asleep and comfortable. Your weight loss procedures will likely last about 1 hour, but every situation is different. You will spend 1 night in the hospital and be discharged the morning after surgery. 

What should I expect after the procedure?

After your weight loss surgery, you will follow the diet and post-care instructions given prior to surgery, including vitamin supplementation. During the post-op phase, follow-up appointments (including lab monitoring) will be required at:

  • One week
  • Six weeks (phone call)
  • Three months
  • Six months
  • 12 months

After 12 months, you will make annual follow-up appointments with Dr. Stowers and his team. Follow-up appointments are equally as important as adopting a healthy diet and exercise program to maintain your weight loss long-term.  Follow-up appointments keep you on track with weight loss, determine the need for additional vitamin supplementation and provide ongoing education and support.

If you’re ready to learn more about the path to weight loss surgery and find out if it’s right for you, call The Bariatric Experts™ or request an appointment online today.

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