3 Advantages of Robotic Surgery

3 Advantages of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery became popular in the 1980s for its many advantages. At The Bariatric Experts, in Frisco, Abilene, or Denton, Texas, Dr. Scott Stowers works as a highly trained, experienced surgeon who performs robotic surgeries, which allows him to overcome some of the limitations that come with traditional surgery.

How robotic surgery works

Dr. Stowers uses the da Vinci® surgical system to perform both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass procedures. Dr. Stowers sits at a computer console located near the patient and controls the da Vinci® robot to perform a surgery that is extremely minimally invasive surgery for his patients.

The precision-guided robot arms are placed through several small incisions on the body. This system gives Dr. Stowers a 3D, perfectly clear view of the surgical field, giving him the best view of your body, much improved from a traditional laparoscopic procedure. As he maneuvers his fingers, hands, and wrists, his movements transmit in real-time to the instruments that are attached to the robotic arms.

Advantages for the surgeon

When compared to open or traditional laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery offers three standout benefits for your surgeon. 

1. Visibility

Dr. Stowers uses a stereoscopic monitor that provides him with a 3D-magnified view of the targeted area. The high-definition technology allows our team to have upclose visibility, helping us focus on the surgical site with great depth and detail.

2. Proficiency

Dr. Stowers is supported by a highly skilled team when performing your surgery. The team-effort approach ensures that you experience a successful outcome. The 3D visualization, the impeccable dexterity, and the control that the system offers provides the highest level of proficiency possible.

3. Precision

The sophisticated mechanical arms provide a much greater range of motion than human hands offer. Robotic surgery gives Dr. Stowers flexibility that allows him to perform extremely complex and delicate procedures. Having a wide visual field also gives him the capability of operating on small, hard-to-reach areas in the body.

Benefits for the patient

Robotic surgery is minimally invasive, only requiring extremely small incisions, which offers you faster recovery and less pain. You also experience:

Before your surgery, Dr. Stowers talks with you about what to expect with robotic surgery. He also closely monitors you afterward to ensure your successful results.

To find out more about robotic surgery, contact our friendly office staff today by phone or online. If you live over two hours away from our office, we can set up a telehealth appointment for you.

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