5 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

5 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

Do you have a lot of weight to lose but don’t know where to start? We understand. Dr. Scott Stowers leads our team at The Bariatric Experts, providing weight loss surgeries to help you achieve your goals. 

When you come in to meet with our team, we evaluate your health, weight, and goals to determine if you’re a candidate for weight loss surgery. Once Dr. Stowers has a final assessment, he and our team work with you to move forward on a successful plan to help you lose weight.

How to know if weight loss surgery is right for you

To qualify for weight loss surgery, you need to meet certain criteria, including:

During your personal consultation with Dr. Stowers, he evaluates you to determine if weight loss surgery is the best option for you.

Understanding the benefits of weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery provides many benefits. Here are five reasons you may want to consider it as an option:

1. Achieve a healthy body mass index (BMI)

Keeping your BMI between 19 and 24.9 puts you within a healthy range. When you reach 25-29.9, you’re overweight, and 30 or higher means you’re considered obese. When you stay in the normal range, you have fewer issues with your joints and muscles, have more energy, and reduce the overall burden that extra pounds put on your body.

2. Reduce your risk of health issues

When you’re obese, you put yourself at a higher risk for health issues, such as hypertension, elevated blood fats, chronic back and knee pain, degenerative arthritis,  cardiovascular disease, and other diseases. Losing weight decreases your risk of developing these health issues.

3. Reduce your sleep apnea

If you carry excessive weight, shedding pounds allows you to lose pharyngeal fat that can block your upper airway while you sleep when your airway is relaxed. 

4. Improve your quality of life

Losing weight takes pressure off your joints, allowing you to have increased mobility. When you can move more easily, you can enjoy your life. Losing weight can also increase your self-confidence, interactions with others, and your sex life. In addition, it can relieve feelings of depression and anxiety.

5. Live longer

Studies show that those who receive bariatric surgery live longer than those who don’t when comparing similar ages, sex, and BMI.

Dr. Stowers offers several weight loss surgeries, including gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. You can learn more about your options when you come in to meet with us.

To schedule a consultation at The Bariatric Experts practice, contact our team in Frisco, Denton, or Abilene, Texas, by calling or booking your appointment online today. If you prefer a telehealth appointment, we can set it up for you.

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