Inflammation and Weight Gain

People sometimes find that despite dieting, exercise, and commitment to losing weight, the results are less than desired. In these cases, the problem may be inflammation. White blood cells produce substances that battle viral and bacterial infections in the body. The result is called inflammation, and it also hinders weight loss efforts. Reducing inflammation is essential to losing weight.

How Inflammation Can Lead to Weight Gain

An increase in inflammation causes weight gain, and weight gain also contributes to added inflammation. Excess inflammation has a direct impact on glucose levels and a higher resistance to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that allows the body to utilize insulin and convert it into energy. When inflammation levels cause insulin resistance, glucose levels increase and cause weight gain. Inflammation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It helps fight infection and aids in healing injuries. Excessive inflammation, however, can cause obesity. Fortunately, there are simple lifestyle changes that can be made to manage and reduce inflammation.

How to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can wreak havoc on the entire body and allow the opportunity for other harmful illnesses and diseases. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the damages that inflammation can do considerably.  

The Bariatric Experts Can Help You Lose Weight

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