Welcome, Dr. Scott Stowers!

Dr. Scott Stowers: Medical Director of The Bariatric Experts

We at The Bariatric Experts would like to take the time to welcome our new Medical Director, Dr. Scott Stowers! Dr. Stowers is a board-certified surgeon and is recognized as a top gastric sleeve specialist in Texas. His focus is to use minimally invasive procedures that lessen the risk of complications and allow patients to quickly get back to living a healthy life.

Patients appreciate that Dr. Stowers takes on a personal approach, explaining every step of the process for each and every patient during their consult phase. His bedside manner, family values and dedication to his patients is unparalleled. Dr. Scott Stowers has also developed a highly effective weight reduction surgery program that allows his experienced professional team at The Bariatric Experts to assist his patients every step of the way. His unique aftercare program provides each patient with the tools needed to become successful in their bariatric journey. It is through education and constant communication that Dr. Stowers is able to help his patients win the fight against obesity. 

Dr. Scott Stowers: A Brief History

Dr. Stowers has been a reliable surgeon for over twenty years, and his vast experience in the field of bariatrics has more than qualified him to become one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated professionals in the industry. Dr. Scott Stowers has received his education through many highly respected educational institutions. He graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and earned his doctoral degree at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. From 1991 to 1992, he was the Chief Resident during his residency at the DFW Medical Center.

Dr. Stowers is also an esteemed member of the following organizations:

Here’s what patients are saying about their experience with Dr. Stowers: 

“I thank the good lord and my lucky stars above for the opportunity afforded to me by Dr. Stowers and my parents. Dr. Stowers and his staff do truly care about their patients.” -Shannon, Lost 98 lbs

“My sleep apnea, heartburn and joint pain are all resolved now that I had surgery and have lost 125 lbs. I recently went to Mexico on vacation and actually enjoyed it without getting tired or out of breath. I am now able to do things that I could never do with my weight holding me back. I am able to enjoy life with my family and be excited for my future. My board-certified weight reduction surgeon has been excellent in my care over the last year. Any questions I had were answered with ease and professionalism. I give credit to Dr. Scott Stowers and his staff for playing a vital role in supporting me along with my family in my journey. I will refer anyone to Dr. Stowers!” -Stephen

“I have lost 110 lbs. My high blood pressure and acid reflux are gone. I can wear a bikini and run without getting out of breath. Not only is my health better, but my life with my husband is so much better. Even though he loves me unconditionally, he is more proud of me. My son tells me he can put his arms all around me. He is 8 years old and that is a great feeling! I can live longer to see my son grow up. My experience has been amazing with Dr. Stowers and the staff. I highly recommend him to people I talk to that want the surgery. Dr. Stowers saved my life and I am so grateful for him!” -Lorinda

If you may be considering a bariatric procedure and wish to consult with a qualified weight reduction surgeon, please contact The Bariatric Experts to schedule a consultation with our newly appointed Medical Director, Dr. Scott Stowers, for an initial evaluation today!

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