Will Medical Weight Loss Help Me in My Weight Loss Journey?

Did you know that almost 37% of American adults are obese and close to 33% are overweight? Obesity and being overweight can lead to serious health issues when ignored. 

We understand that losing weight on your own can be difficult. That’s why we suggest a medical weight loss plan. It can give you the support you need and help you lose unwanted pounds and keep them off.

At The Bariatric Experts in Frisco, Denton, and Abilene, Texas, Dr. Scott Stowers and our team are weight loss specialists who offer comprehensive weight loss programs. We provide professional guidance, create custom dietary plans, and perform recommended bariatric weight loss surgery, as needed. 

Reasons for choosing medical weight loss

If you’ve struggled to get extra weight off your body with your own efforts without success, a medical weight loss plan can help you achieve your goals, and our team can give you the added support you need.

Carrying too many pounds on your body can be uncomfortable and also lead to serious health issues, including:

In addition, obesity and being overweight have been linked to diseases, such as cancers of the stomach, thyroid, liver, kidney, and other organs.

Where to start

Whether you’d like to shed those last few, unwanted pounds or have a lot of weight to lose, call us at The Bariatric Experts to schedule a consultation. Once we know your desired needs and outcome, we then evaluate your current health condition.

If you’re obese or a candidate for weight loss surgery, we give you a psychological evaluation to understand your behavioral challenges and emotional factors that might play a role in moving forward with surgery.

Once you receive full medical clearance, Dr. Stowers and our team work together with you to create your customized plan to give you the most effective results.

Medical weight loss options

We provide nutritional plans, support, and several weight loss surgery options. We base our recommendation on the severity of your obesity or health condition.

Our surgeries are minimally invasive, using the robotically assisted, state-of-the-art daVinci® surgical system. When compared to open surgery, robotic surgery offers many benefits, including smaller incisions, excellent precision, less pain, less blood loss, and a much faster recovery.

Our team walks with you every step of the way during your weight loss journey. Once you reach your desired weight, we continue to monitor you to make sure you manage your weight loss successfully. We’re here to help you reach and maintain your goals so that you can enjoy the benefits of better overall health and an enhanced quality of life.

To learn more about medical weight loss, or to find out how it can benefit you, contact us by phone or use the online booking tool today. Schedule your consultation at the location nearest you. If you prefer telehealth, we can easily help set that up, too.

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