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Top Reasons for Gastric Band Removal

The need for gastric band removal can happen for multiple reasons. To find out if you’re a candidate for this removal procedure, take a moment to learn why it might be right for you.
Aug 1st, 2023

5 Potential Benefits of SADI-S for Weight Control

What are your latest options when it comes to weight loss procedures? Advancements in weight loss procedures continue to offer impressive results. Keep reading to find out why SADI-S is becoming a popular weight loss solution.
Jul 6th, 2023

How Being Middle Aged Affects Weight Control

Are you noticing weight changes as the years go by? If so, you aren’t alone. Take a few moments to read this blog post and learn why this happens as well as how you can control it.
May 3rd, 2023

Home Remedies for Heartburn

Heartburn can make you feel miserable, but learning a few home remedies can help you prevent what triggers it and also help you manage it. Here, we provide some simple ways you can give yourself the relief you need.
Mar 13th, 2023

Hydration After Bariatric Surgery

After bariatric surgery, you feel full quicker, which can cause you to forget about getting your fluids in. Keep reading to find out the importance of hydration after your surgery and learn how it can also boost your weight loss success.
Dec 7th, 2022

What Is a Gastric Sleeve?

Are you ready to tackle weight loss, once and for all? If so, you might not know where to begin. Here, you’ll find out why the popular gastric sleeve surgery might be your answer.
Nov 15th, 2022

What to Expect After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Now that you’re ready for gastric bypass surgery, it’s important to understand what lies ahead and how you can play a role in what happens next, including your recovery. Keep reading to learn more.
Sep 1st, 2022

How Robotic Surgery Works

If you qualify for bariatric surgery, you might have reservations about the word surgery. But, don’t! A robotically assisted procedure is quite different from traditional surgery. Here, you’ll learn what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit you.
Aug 1st, 2022

How to Prepare for Weight Loss Surgery

If you’ve made the decision and are scheduled for weight loss surgery, not only do you need to know how to prepare your body, but you also need to know that your mental preparation is imperative.
Jul 1st, 2022

Does Heartburn Keep You Up at Night?

Heartburn causes uncomfortable, burning sensations in your throat and chest, but it can cause other concerns if you not only have it during the day — but also at night. Keep reading to learn more.
Jun 1st, 2022

10 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

Has extra weight on your body caused issues for you physically, emotionally, and mentally? If so, it might be time to think about weight loss surgery. Here are 10 reasons why surgery may be your path to weight loss success.
May 1st, 2022

Are You Considering Removing Your Gastric Band?

You’ve had gastric, or lap, band surgery to help with your weight loss goals, but your results might not be going as planned. What do you do now? Knowing your options can give you the results you want.
Apr 1st, 2022

Where Do I Fit on the BMI Scale?

Would you like to have a better understanding of what your body mass index (BMI) means? Take a few moments to find out how a BMI calculation works and what you can learn from it.
Mar 1st, 2022

3 Advantages of Robotic Surgery

If you’re a candidate for weight loss surgery, robotic surgery can provide you with a highly successful outcome. It not only provides many benefits for you, but for your surgeon, as well. Keep reading to learn more.
Jan 1st, 2022

Is Heartburn Treatable?

Do you ever experience a burning sensation in your throat or chest? If so, you’re probably experiencing heartburn, which can cause extreme discomfort. Here, you’ll learn what causes it, how to treat it, and how to prevent it with lifestyle changes.
Dec 7th, 2021

My Diet Is Not Working

Are you looking to lose a few pounds and feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight, but nothing seems to work? Keep reading to learn why your diet might be failing you and what you can do about it.
Nov 2nd, 2021

When to See a Specialist About Heartburn

Though millions suffer from heartburn, that doesn’t mean you should. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, don’t wait to seek help. We can look at what’s causing your heartburn, give you guidance on prevention, and provide treatment.
Oct 6th, 2021

5 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can change your life in many ways. But how do you know if it’s right for you? Keep reading to find out if you might be a candidate and to learn about its benefits.
Sep 6th, 2021

5 Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery (daVinci)

Minimally invasive bariatric surgery has grown in popularity because of its benefits. Here, you’ll learn about robotic surgery and find out how it can help you shed unwanted pounds, put you on a new health journey, and help change your life.
Aug 10th, 2021

Why Is Fiber Important for Weight Control?

Did you know that adding as little as 30 grams of fiber a day to your diet can help you lose weight and maintain it? Keep reading to find out how it can benefit your weight and what it can do for your health.
Jul 13th, 2021

Can a Gastric Sleeve Surgery Improve Your Energy?

The thought of losing weight can be daunting, but the benefits can change your life. Keep reading to learn if you’re a candidate for gastric sleeve surgery, and find out how it can improve your health in many ways.
May 26th, 2021

Foods To Avoid if You Suffer from GERD

Did you know that dietary changes can reduce or possibly eliminate your GERD symptoms? Take a moment to find out what foods you should avoid and which ones to eat.
Apr 21st, 2021

Am I a Good Candidate for Gastric Bypass?

If you’re seriously overweight or obese, you’re likely dealing with many health-related problems that make you feel there’s no end in sight. Gastric bypass is a lifetime commitment to healthier living, but it could be just what the doctor ordered.
Mar 1st, 2021

Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.
Jan 11th, 2021

The Bariatric Experts Now Offers Telemedicine

Most Americans have distanced themselves socially to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. However, for many, being in quarantine for extended periods of time can lead to boredom binges! This may be a good time to contemplate weight loss...
Apr 28th, 2020

Diabetes and COVID-19

The United States – and the world – is currently battling a pandemic. The coronavirus has taken over virtually every aspect of life for just about everyone, but there are some people who may be more vulnerable than others to COVID-19,...
Apr 13th, 2020

Boosting Your Immune System

Many people rely upon supplements to build their immune system. A lot of these supplements do provide vitamins and minerals and can help strengthen the immune system. However, absorbing these nutrients from natural sources...
Mar 30th, 2020

March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and it is a time for individuals to recognize how important it is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Nutrition is essential because food is what provides the body with the energy and nutrients necessary to live...
Mar 11th, 2020

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Now more than ever, society seems to put a lot of pressure on individuals to maintain a particular physical image. There is so much pressure that some people resort to starving themselves to fit in. From February 24ththrough March 1st, the National...
Feb 20th, 2020

Sleep and Weight Gain

Losing weight can be difficult. Consistently sticking to a healthy diet and having a regular exercise regimen doesn’t always come as second nature to some people. But diet and exercise aren’t the only things that need attention for weight loss.
Feb 13th, 2020

Sugar and Diabetes

For years, people have touted the widely popular theory that sugar can cause diabetes types one and two. While the United States has seen diabetes cases rise dramatically from 1990 through 2010 (cases have tripled), the link between the...
Jan 28th, 2020

Thyroid Awareness Month

The New Year has officially begun, and this month is National Thyroid Awareness Month. January is a time for understanding what the thyroid is, how it functions in the body, and why it is essential for good health. The thyroid gland plays a crucial...
Jan 9th, 2020

Restaurant Healthy Dining Tips

During the holidays, dining in restaurants is fun, sociable, and it gives us a break from the kitchen. However, eating out in a restaurant can negatively influence a person’s diet. Studies suggest that people are more likely to steer from their diets and..
Dec 17th, 2019

Healthy Holiday Meal Tips

Holidays can be hard on the waistline, so altering holiday meal recipes to reduce their calorie and fat content is a good idea. While it is said that people on average only gain one or two extra pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, that excess...
Dec 13th, 2019

Holiday Weight Gain

During the holidays, it is even more challenging to focus on weight loss goals. Some may see the fall and winter seasons as their reward time after slimming down for the summer, so they loosen up their diet and exercise plans.
Nov 25th, 2019

Inflammation and Weight Gain

People sometimes find that despite dieting, exercise, and commitment to losing weight, the results are less than desired. In these cases, the problem may be inflammation. White blood cells produce substances that battle viral and bacterial...
Nov 14th, 2019

No Gym Weight Loss

Weight loss can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. No matter how much effort is put in, it may not always feel the desired results are achieved. For those who are disabled or have trouble getting to the gym, weight loss can be especially difficult.
Oct 31st, 2019

Some Health Foods Are Fattening

Dieting can be tricky. When the goal is to lose weight, what may work for one person may not work for someone else. But one thing is sure, a healthy diet is an essential factor for weight loss.
Oct 9th, 2019

Symptoms of Obesity

Obesity in America has been on the rise for decades. It is responsible for many dangerous health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.
Sep 29th, 2019

Weight Loss Supplement Risks

Some people who are seeking to quickly drop pounds will turn to weight loss pills or over the counter weight loss supplements to get the ball rolling. Taking healthy dietary supplements is considered to be a simple,...
Sep 5th, 2019

Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables

Not to be confused with the buzzword ‘superfood,’ powerhouse fruits and vegetables are those that contain a dense amount of multiple vitamins and minerals that maintain weight and fight off disease.
Jul 29th, 2019

Obesity and Chronic Pain

As if there weren’t enough reasons to lose weight, consider the fact that, from mild to severe, people struggling with obesity are also suffering from the ongoing physical pain that comes with it.
Jul 1st, 2019

Bariatric Lab Tests

It is natural for patients to want to know everything they can before and after weight loss surgery, so their surgeon will make sure to provide the necessary information for these procedures.
Jun 6th, 2019

Obesity, Cancer – and Millenials

Conditions such as diabetes and heart disease have been associated with obesity for a long time. Surprisingly, Cancer hasn’t received as much attention in its connection to obesity, even though it...
Apr 30th, 2019

Greek Spaghetti Squash Bowls

Greek Spaghetti Squash Bowls Recipe type: dinner Serves: 4-6 Prep time: 30 mins Cook time: 10 mins Total time: 40 mins
Apr 23rd, 2019

High Protein Breakfast Ideas

Smoked Salmon Avocado Sweet Potato Toast 22g protein, 292 calories, 12g fat, 26g carbs, 6g fiber, 7g sugar 1/2 Medium Sweet Potato 1/4 Avocado
Apr 23rd, 2019

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to people traveling to a country other than their own to obtain medical treatment. Recently, traveling out of the United States for weight loss surgery has become a topic for discussion.
Mar 3rd, 2019

What are Hunger Hormones?

GHRELIN vs. LEPTIN: How Bariatric Surgery Affects Hunger Hormones The brain and body work together to either increase or decrease the desire for food consumption using what are referred to as hunger hormones.
Jan 30th, 2019

Post-Op: What to Expect

What to Expect After Bariatric Surgery Succesful Starting Tips The first 1-2 weeks after surgery are arguably the most challenging. The transition back into employment and personal routine can be somewhat difficult,...
Jan 17th, 2019

New Year, New YOU!

New Year, New YOU! It is no surprise that the #1 New Year’s Resolution is – you guessed it – lose weight. Doing it right is the best way to ensure success so that next year, a brand new resolution can take its place!
Jan 11th, 2019

Ricotta Bake

Yield: 1 pan Ready in 30 minutes Courtesy of
Dec 11th, 2018

Bariatric and Weight Loss Apps

Specific Apps for Bariatric Patients As the saying goes, “There’s an APP for that!” and weight loss is no exception. When it comes to weight loss and bariatric surgery, there is a plethora of apps from which to choose.
Nov 28th, 2018

Food Intolerances Post-Surgery

It is not uncommon for patients to experience food intolerances after having bariatric surgery, especially during the months when “regular” foods are being incorporated back into their diet.
Nov 27th, 2018

Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes? November is National Diabetes Month, and NIDDK (The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease) has chosen “Promoting Health After Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)” as their theme for 2018.
Oct 30th, 2018

Relationships and Weight Loss

Relationships and Weight Loss Navigating a weight loss journey, especially bariatric weight loss, is difficult for the person trying to lose weight, but many people don’t realize how it affects their partner.
Oct 3rd, 2018

September is “Better Breakfast Month”

September is “Better Breakfast Month” Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it is also the most important meal of the Month in September.
Sep 28th, 2018

Get Creative with Greek Yogurt

Marinate Chicken and Fish with Greek Yogurt Combine yogurt, lemon peel and juice, oregano, parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper. Use Dijon mustard as optional flavor. Put the chicken into a dish and spread about 1/2 cup yogurt over the chicken.
Aug 30th, 2018

The Obalon Balloon System

The Obalon Balloon System is a perfect option for those who are considering a weight loss procedure, but aren’t sure if surgery is the answer.
Aug 27th, 2018

Bariatric Surgery Diet

The Bariatric Surgery Diet and Your Family Following a restricted diet after bariatric surgery is already an alteration from the patient’s regular routine.
Jul 5th, 2018

Parmesan Crisps

Eating right is part of our post-bariatric surgery weight loss plan. Michelle Pollock, our Dietitian, recommends these tasty Parmesan Cheese Crisps inspired by as a tasty, yet healthy, snack.
May 20th, 2018

Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss

Kitchen Gadgets for Weight Loss Kitchen gadgets for weight loss can be found in kitchen specialty stores, online, in specialty household stores and discount super centers.
May 17th, 2018

Quality Protein Supplements

Quality Protein is Key! Forms of Protein Protein supplements come in many different forms. There are 2 very common types of proteins; whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.
Apr 21st, 2018

Veggie Marinades & Recipes

Healthy Vegetable Marinades and Recipes Incorporating healthy vegetable marinades and recipes into your diet is easier when they are prepared properly and have a zesty flavor. As part of the Life After Bariatric Surgery healthy diet plan
Apr 21st, 2018

Reach Your Protein Goals

Protein is essential after weight loss surgery and plays a critical role in the body. It is a requirement!
Apr 20th, 2018

Spring Veggies are Here!

Avocados These green Tex-Mex favorites are nutrient dense in many vitamins and minerals including vitamin B6, C, and potassium. They also contain healthy fats. One serving is ¼ of an avocado, which provides 60 calories – so enjoy these in moderation!
Apr 10th, 2018

Why Buy from a local Farmers Market?

Why Buy from a local Farmers Market? Each year, March is designated as National Nutrition Month. This year’s motto for National Nutrition Month 2018 is “Go Further With food.”
Mar 21st, 2018

Baked Radish and Beet Chips

Oven Baked Radish and Beet Chips Beet Chips are packed with anti-oxidants and have a plethora of health benefits. They are great for your heart, can help improve your blood pressure and increase stamina.
Mar 8th, 2018

Apple Cider Protein Shake

Creamy Apple Cider Protein Shake Make this delicious Apple Cider Protein Shake for a healthy and filling treat when you’re on-the-go!
Mar 8th, 2018

Apple Pie Protein Shake

This protein shake fro our Dietician, Michelle Pollock, is better than Thanksgiving Day! When you get a hankering for apple pie, here’s a healthy twist that satisfies any craving.
Mar 8th, 2018

Obesity and Kidney Disease

March is National Kidney Month, and the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is reminding Americans to be aware of their risk for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).
Mar 7th, 2018

Cauliflower Cheesy Breadsticks

Ingredients Prep Time: 15 min Cook Time: 15 Total Time: 30 min 1 large head of cauliflower or 1 bag of store bought rice cauliflower ½ cup + ¾ (for topping) part-skim Mozzarella cheese and Fiesta Blend Cheese...
Feb 24th, 2018

Eating Clean for Weight Loss

Eating Clean for Weight Loss These days, it is next to impossible to walk past a magazine rack in the grocery store without reading headlines promoting articles about Clean Eating and Clean Living.
Feb 20th, 2018

How to Pay for Bariatric Surgery

Does Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery? After the decision has been made to explore weight loss surgery, the next question we are commonly asked is,...
Feb 6th, 2018

What Causes Obesity?

Understanding the Causes of Obesity It is widely understood that weight gain is both genetic and environmental, but it’s also important to think of obesity from a physical and mental health standpoint. 
Jan 12th, 2018

Evolve: Concierge-Style Service

The Bariatric Experts Powered by Evolve Weight Loss Experts The team here at The Bariatric Experts is thrilled to be partnering with Evolve Weight Loss Experts,...
Jan 5th, 2018

Welcome, Dr. Scott Stowers!

Dr. Scott Stowers: Medical Director of The Bariatric Experts We at The Bariatric Experts would like to take the time to welcome our new Medical Director, Dr. Scott Stowers!
Jan 3rd, 2018

Setting Weight Loss Resolutions

How to Set New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions, That You’ll Actually Keep 2018 is mere inches away, and along with New Year’s celebrations come New Year’s resolutions. Weight loss resolutions this time of year are quite common, as are plans for...
Dec 31st, 2017

Eating Healthy at Restaurants

Tips on Healthy Eating at any Restaurant Dieting at a restaurant can be tough when you’re trying lose weight. Most of the food is packed with butter, cheese, bacon, deep fried and served with ranch.
Dec 13th, 2017

Bariatric Advantage Vitamins

Bariatric Advantage Vitamins Bariatric Advantage Vitamins for Pre and Post-Op offer a comprehensive line of vitamins for weight loss,...
Dec 13th, 2017

Staying Weight Loss Motivated

Weight Loss Motivation Tips for When You Feel Like Giving Up Weight loss is not only a journey, it is a challenge. With the right mentality and support, your goals to live a healthier happier lifestyle are within reach.
Dec 12th, 2017

Diet vs Lifestyle Change

The Difference Between a Diet and a Lifestyle Change  Dieting is when one temporarily changes eating habits to promote weight loss. On the contrary, a lifestyle change is when someone adopts healthy overall habits...
Dec 12th, 2017

Weight Loss Resolutions

How to Prepare for Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution  If you are like many others who are planning for a New Year’s weight loss resolution, you should consider consulting one of our Bariatric Surgeons.
Dec 12th, 2017

Surgery Misconceptions

Common Weight Loss Surgery Misconceptions There are many weight loss surgery misconceptions that can dissuade one from getting help when needed.
Dec 6th, 2017

Surprise Weight Loss Benefits

Many benefits attributed to weight loss surgery are already well known. It is common knowledge that high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and Type 2 Diabetes improve after a significant weight loss due to procedures like the Gastric Sleeve. 
Nov 27th, 2017

Healthy Holiday Favorites

During the holidays, it can be difficult to have a family feast while keeping nutritional value in mind. Luckily, there are plenty of low-calorie holiday recipes for the table this year.
Nov 24th, 2017

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Weight Gain When skies turn grey in the winter, our moods can follow suit. This is often due to the effects of a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Nov 21st, 2017

Alcohol & Holiday Weight Gain

It’s that special time of year when families gather to enjoy a Holiday feast, but it is also time to watch out for weight gain from alcohol consumption. During the holiday season,...
Nov 17th, 2017

Thanksgiving Diet Tips

The Holidays are lurking like The Grinch waiting for his chance to steal the Roast Beast! It’s wise to plan ahead and avoid the potential for holiday weight gain. Even after having weight loss surgery,...
Nov 8th, 2017

Low Carbohydrate Diet

Following A Low Carbohydrate Diet After Surgery Written by Michelle Pollock, RD, LD Modifying your diet is crucial to long-term successful weight loss after surgery.
Nov 1st, 2017

Weight Loss for Pregnancy

Why Lose Weight for Pregnancy? There is already considerable pressure on women who are struggling with excess pounds, and adding the need to achieve weight loss for pregnancy only exacerbates their anxiety.
Oct 13th, 2017