10 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

10 Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

Have you tried to lose weight on your own without success? We understand. At The Bariatric Experts, board-certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Scott Stowers leads our team with cutting-edge knowledge and expertise to help you get the weight off successfully, so you can live a healthy life.

Almost 600,000 people worldwide have weight loss surgery every year. Though bariatric surgery isn’t a magic pill for weight loss, it has many benefits you might want to consider.

Why weight loss surgery might be a good option

Here are 10 reasons. It can:

  1. Improve your heart health
  2. Lower your risk of cancer, diabetes, and other serious health conditions
  3. Eliminate obstructive sleep apnea
  4. Improve fertility
  5. Produce long-term remission for type 2 diabetics
  6. Help relieve dependency on medications for GERD, diabetes, and high blood pressure
  7. Relieve joint pain
  8. Relieve depression
  9. Help with self-confidence
  10. Help alleviate other medical conditions

This list could actually continue with many more benefits the surgery can provide for you. The bottom line is that weight loss surgery can help you live a long, healthy life.

What’s next?

If you’re ready to talk with Dr. Stowers about your options, call our office to schedule a consultation (940) 577-2090. That way, he can determine if weight loss surgery is right for you, and you can learn about the different procedures we provide.

If you qualify, we provide specific guidance on your path to weight loss surgery. We walk you through the steps of preparation and also explain, in detail, what to expect before, during, and after your surgery. 

Your results can truly be life-changing, producing sustainable weight loss for a lifetime. Weight loss surgery is a powerful tool that can give you the relief you need in so many ways. You can rely on Dr. Stowers’ expertise and experience to perform a safe and effective surgery that gives you the outcome you desire.

More to know

There’s more to losing weight with a bariatric procedure. Yes, you’ll lose weight with the surgery, but that’s only one part of the overall treatment plan. 

We walk you through nutrition guidelines, exercises to routinely perform, and discuss mental health care. To be successful, you need to participate in the entire process to achieve long-term goals. 

To learn more about weight loss surgery, book an appointment with our expert team at the location nearest you in Frisco, Abilene, or Denton, Texas. Give us a call today at 940-577-2090, or feel free to email us at tbe@expertsurgical.com. If a telemedicine appointment is easier for you, tell our friendly staff, so we can help set it up.

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