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Holiday Weight Gain

During the holidays, it is even more challenging to focus on weight loss goals. Some may see the fall and winter seasons as their reward time after slimming down for the summer, so they loosen up their diet and exercise plans. Add in the unhealthy foods which are typically served at big family feasts during the holidays, and the instinct to gain weight to fight the cold and it’s a recipe for diet disaster.

This holiday season, it is beneficial to learn proactive ways to prevent overeating and gaining those unwanted holiday pounds. That way, there is more potential for a better start to next year’s weight goals.

While most people will only gain about a pound or two during the holidays, it can be a slippery slope in losing that weight. Studies show that holiday pounds tend to carry over into the next year, and recovering the motivation for weight loss can be difficult.

Causes for Holiday Weight Gain

There are some factors during the holiday season that have an increased effect on how much weight may be lost or gained. While reasons for the change in weight are year-round factors in everyday health, they intensify through the fall and winter.

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Loss

Even though dieting can be tough during the holiday season, there are ways to keep weight gain to a minimum. By taking a few precautionary measures and practicing self-control, it is still possible to enjoy holiday feasts without the added guilt of adding on pounds.

The Bariatric Experts Offers Weight Loss Programs

The holidays don’t have to make losing weight seemingly impossible. They are supposed to be times of the year that allows for relaxation and time with loved ones.With a little planning and self-control, this holiday season can be less hectic, less stressful. It won’t reverse the progress made throughout the year. If you are concerned that maintaining weight loss on your own is too challenging, The Bariatric Experts offers Weight Loss Programs that do not involve surgical procedures. Our program will help you reach your weight loss goals! Contact us today to learn more.

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