Symptoms of Obesity

Obesity in America has been on the rise for decades. It is responsible for many dangerous health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Doctors diagnose obesity by using the body mass index (BMI), which is essentially a calculation using a person’s height and weight as variables. Doctors will determine if someone is overweight based on a person’s weight in proportion to their height. The formula for BMI is weight (kilograms) divided by height squared (meters). Obese people have A BMI of 30 or higher.

Symptoms of Obesity

While obesity seems like an easy diagnosis by using a person’s BMI, there are many other symptoms of obesity besides just being overweight. These symptoms have a direct impact on the struggles that come with being obese:

Obesity Affects All Aspects of Life

Obesity is not only a weight issue. It also has a negative impact on the way obese people function in everyday situations. Life is harder when someone is overweight, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is essential for those suffering from obesity to see a professional that can help them get back to a healthy weight.

The Bariatric Experts Can Help You Lose Weigh

If you are tired of struggling with the symptoms of obesity and finding it difficult to lose weight on your own, The Bariatric Experts can help! We offer Bariatric Surgical procedures and a new Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program. We have recently moved to Denton. The Bariatric Experts is now located in the Medical City Denton Professional Office Building, Suite 203, 3537 South Interstate 35E, Denton, TX 76210. Call for an appointment today at 940-577-2090.

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